Our Mission

We are missioned with a dream to be one of the largest and most trusted herbal cigarette brands in the world; we’re thrilled to be the Spearhead of such an exciting industry a day. We as an industry are Excited that we help people improving their life’s worldwide. We believe that Mankind is seeking for an Environment i.e. healthier & happier with harmony all around.

In Today’s Scenarios, Herb Era Remedies is the market leader in production of Tobacco & Nicotine free Ayurvedic Smokes.

Our Vision

Naturalo Ayurvedic Smoke is a Next Generation smoke.
If a Person Chooses the Correct Smoking it can bring clarity in the Lungs, Throat and All Body Parts as well as to Mind.

Basically Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes is inhaling the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco leaves Whilst, Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes forms a curative Smoke with Natures Best & Pure Herbs.

Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes contain minimum amount of tar, which is an inevitable by product of combustion. By keeping the tar content in our smokes to the absolute minimum we have offered a least harmful aid for quitting smoking or an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Smoking Ayurvedic Smokes is fruitful, as it can help in:-
- A throat cleaner, thus enhances sonority in a singer's voice.
- No nicotine--hence, no harm to the health.
- Long-lasting pleasant smell of smoke.
- No bad breath or Foul Smell.
- Tobacco Free / Nicotine Free.
- Safe for Passive Smokers.
- Provides Immunity.
- Helps you to Quit Tobacco Cigarettes.
- Detoxifies the Lungs.
- Rejuvenates the Body and Mind.

Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes is a Certified 100% Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free Brand.

Gift yourself and your beloved one Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes!! Let's "Inhale a Heart & Lungs pleasing smoke "