About Us

Story of Our Evolution

“The Evolution of Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes was not planned, it just happened incidentally!

We carved out this soothing herbal blend as a substitute for tobacco where smokers won’t have to sacrifice the relaxing euphoric feeling of smoking. Our Mission was to offer smokers a tobacco free alternative to regular cigarettes. We started on our way with basic objective to bring this Nicotine & Tobacco free, long developed blend of herbs wrapped in a Cigarette Tissue.

The fruit is Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes which features 100% Wild crafted herbs such as Tulsi , Adusa, Green Tea, Rose Petals and many more herbs.

“Today in form of Smoke, We are ensuring one gets a true aroma, essence and taste with Goodness of Nature”

With Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes, the journey of quitting tobacco-cigarettes is totally stress- free and never leads to relapse. The herbs in blend are those being used from ages for medicinal purpose.

The Blend of Natural Herbs used in Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes can reduce the thirst to Nictone from this time forth, still the more the rejuvenating effect of the Smoking Naturalo Ayurvedic Smokes is invincible.

We currently are offering two unique blends; one can commit our self to – Regular & Clove Mix.